Sunday, July 5, 2015

a Vincent red Rapide

My very first little scoot, 1968 Honda 50.  I was 6....
I often think that it is way crazy that I still get stupid about riding my motorcycle.  I don't mean stupid as in lack of intelligence, wait maybe it is stupid cause there are an awful amount of people that can't drive cars out there let alone watch for motorcycles.  Truly I mean stupid as in silly or giddy.  It doesn't necessarily have to be mine, I love all motorcycles.  I prefer mine cause I can listen to tunes and carry my stuff, but I am by no means adverse to riding let's say a test ride motorcycle down in Daytona or in York, PA at the Open House.  I long to go on vacation on the motorcycle but it is not going to happen this summer, not even this fall, hopefully by spring next year we will be able to go.  Gabriella would like to come with us, maybe we could make it into a big family event.  I have to think on this.  This could be something that would be most excellent.

For as long as I can remember there have been motorcycles around me, growing up I can remember my Dad's '66 gold/white Triumph Bonneville.  I loved, loved, loved the tank rack, I don't know why.  He would put this flowered pillow in front of him and take Kiki and I for a ride (not together), Johnny would sit behind him because he was bigger.  I know that people say it is a big no-no to put the kid in front, but I never felt unsafe, never.  There was always conversations going on about all different brands of motorcycles, I must have been like a little sponge sucking it all in.  For some reason Vincent always stood out.  I love a Vincent.  If I had a one it would be in the living room.  I called my Dad, asked him if he ever had a Vincent, he didn't.  He had a great friend, Gene, that had a Vincent Black Shadow. 

Thinking about Gene made me think about growing up in Brooklyn.  Mostly everyone had a name and moniker, it was either something about your person or your profession.  Gene was "Gene the Mute".  He was deaf, "Vinny the Pinstriper", pinstriped cars and bikes at various places, and of course, my Dad "Bob the Garbageman", there were so many more. The monikers were pretty self-evident, I don't know if everyone had anything like this growing up and even as I got older and grown, everyone was somebody.  It made us who we are today.

In 2006, I purchased Mark Knopfler and EmmyLou Harris' "All the Roadrunning".  I enjoyed the album the first time I played it, but when it came to the song "Red Staggerwing", I was smitten.  The song invokes strong childhood memories, all good memories for me.  Actually it brings back memories from all points of life.  It is still one of my favorite LP's.  Of course, motorcycles too..

I'd ride around your house