Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I'd much rather be

It was long, beautiful, happy, and productive weekend.  We finally had a reason to go to the Battery Store, lo and behold, they were closed.  Hehehe.  The little batteries in the boop-boop for Andrew's bike died and it won't start with out it.  I am still on the fence as to whether or not it is a good idea or not, I don't know if the bike will shut off if the batteries die while you are riding it. 

Andrew washed his motorcycle.  His eagle was almost as dirty as mine.  I was wondering if I get to bring it up to the dealer for service.

I've ridden Andrew's bike quite a few times and it has a really nice ride to it.  I will say that I do prefer to ride my own.  They do, however, make a wonderful pair. 
I am going to enjoy this riding season more than I can possibly imagine. 

Forever in blue jeans

Monday, May 26, 2014

So I wash away stains of yesterday

We braved the dreaded NJDMV......The lines were out the door.  I mean people were on line outside the building.  I could not believe it, never in my life have I ever witnessed such a thing.  On the upside, both bikes are done, and I ordered my tire.  I take it to the dealer on the 3rd, I can't wait.  I can ride it, but only if there is no chance of rain.  I am ecstatic. 

Yesterday, after the yard stuff was done, the Eagles roost was opened.....I swear you could hear the angels harkening.  There they were nesting together like the best friends that they are.  They look so comfortable with each other.  I think of them as a perfect pair, a matched set, a great set.  My very, very dirty bird came rolling out of her nest.  Holy good crap is she covered in bug guts, road grime,  and just plain old filth.  Yes, they were put away dirty.  What a shock, what a surprise. 

 Andrew parked her so she could be put up on the lift for a thorough wash and wax.  While he was getting his tent thing, it is a sporting event watching him.  Andrew takes a great amount of pride taking care of his things.  He is quite meticulous when he washes and waxes his vehicles.  I was looking her over and taking some pictures, and I started to cry.  I missed her so very much.  I have so many memories riding, some of the happiest times I have ever had have been enjoyed on our motorcycles.  We have both grown up on motorcycles, and so have our children.  The time that I have spent riding this particular motorcycle is different.   I have owned a few motorcycles, but my road glide is by far my favorite, maybe because she was Andrew's before, I don't know, this motorcycle seems to be an extension of me.  It is an effortless ride.  I don't know how to explain it other than on this bike we become one.  While I have road Andrew's Eagle, I don't have the same feeling.

 As I was in my own little world taking pictures with tears running down my face like an idiot, I was met with a look of concern, when asked if I was ok, I replied with I have always wanted him to be proud of me and of my riding skills.  It has been with great pleasure, shear enjoyment, extreme happiness, and self satisfaction that I have chased behind him on some great twisties, and that I will always.   In truth, he has chased me down many a crooked road, followed me through some pretty rough terrain, half assed roads, unpaved trails all on a touring bike and never once complained.  There have been many times when I planned most excellent adventures, and found that the roads were not really "roads" and we would have to turn back.  I have tried to emulate Andrew and how he rides, because he does it most excellently.  It also gives me great pleasure when he states unequivocally that our son, Andrew rides far superior.  The boy can ride......

Our sporting event left me with one very clean bike.

I have to admit my road glide is one sweet ride.  Now she is ready to be taken for her new tire, her sister will get her much needed bath today. 

In the immortal words of Mor, "it shines like cat shit in moonshine". 

 Then tempt my heart with love's display......

Better put it all behind you; life goes on

 I freely admit that my brain is fried.  I said it.  I think it is toast.  I can't imagine what I will be like in 20 years, I shutter to think.  It has been a most wonderful weekend so far, and let me say, it was a pretty awesome week.  There is only one worry that I have, and in truth, there is not much I can do about it.  We will just have to wait and see what will be.  I have taken quite a few pictures of all the growth that has been going on.  Everything is absolutely lovely. 

The gardens just keep on growing and changing every day.  The flowers and herbs make me so very happy.

Say hello to my little friend.....

Yesterday, was a long day for sure so many, many things were accomplished.  We ran our errands, and went here and there.  By the time we came home last night, Andrew said to me that we drove 100 miles....phew  

You keep carrying that anger, it'll eat you inside.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mommy, Ma, Mor, Gammy, Gram, and Mrs. Gallo....

On August 27, 1989, I became someone that I never truly thought I would be, I became someone's Mom.  I remember that very fine, very warm Sunday like it was today, in fact both of mine were born on Sundays.  Andrew during a very hot and humid summer and Gabriella during a very, very cold and super snowy winter.  I was scared shitless, truly and effectively shitless.  Me and babies don't mix.  Me and kids, not so great either.  Babies, kids, and me, well let us say I am not the most maternal person around.  While other women/girls I know get all giddy, animated, crazy, and silly around kids and babies me not so much, I don't know why, I guess it is just the way I am.

While I am not stupid crazy to think that I am one of the chosen few that feel the way I do, I am endlessly in love with Andrew and Gabriella.  Never before have there been two better people ever created.  They are the best of the best truly.  They are what I am most proud of.  They are the two best things that I have ever done.  I know that I wasn't the greatest of Moms, but I tried, and I tried really, really hard.

I was given the best of role models, I have been given the most wonderful Mom, that I love with all my heart, and in my head I hear her always.  Mor has given me the wisdom of the ages, and understanding that I needed.  My greatest hope has always been that they were proud of me.  My Mom and Mor have shown me that no matter how old your kids get, or how far away they move, they will always be in your heart.  They are the best of Grandmothers.

I learned from Gram that it was ok to be indifferent.  She loved in her way, and that is good with me.  I knew that she was there should I have ever needed, you just did not have to be mushy, mushy.

I learned from Mrs. Gallo the gift of perseverance and resilience.  She was the strongest person that I have ever known.  She faced hatred, deceit, and pure unadulterated evil.  She never let them win, she was a good, kind, and loving Mother and Grandmother to mine.  They could not poison or destroy who she was, she stayed true.  While at times she may have faltered, she rose up, collected herself, and rolled on.  I could never give over because she never did.  I would never want to shame her.

Better days are shining through...

I was thinking about Brooklyn.....it is true I do miss living there.  I miss so many things.  I miss walking on 86th Street, shopping in Century's.  I miss the bicycle path.  I miss the food, the luxury of getting all types, and the instant gratification.  I miss living the "city" lifestyle.  I think about spending Sundays during the colder months in NYC at the indoor flea markets, going to Sal's on Broome, going Downtown Brooklyn with my Mom shopping, or going to Delancey Street with Mor so she could haggle and then go to Katz Deli for lunch.  While I will say that I do, in fact we both go to both Manhattan and Brooklyn, sometimes alone or together, it is not the same place anymore.  Brooklyn has changed so much, it is not the same, for me anyhow.  While I could go sit and think of some of my fondest memories, treasured times, and most bleak moments they are firmly in the past, and sometimes you just can't go home.
I just could not help myself...
I would go to Manhattan by myself, just to walk around, or just to hang.  When I worked there I had a very similar view of the Chrysler Building, my second favorite, not the Empire State, my fourth favorite...
I can't remember how many times I have been to the top.  Kathy and I, used to go to the top of the World Trade Center,  have a grand time laughing, goofing around, and smiling.  It was very, very sad that a place of joy for her and I, was the very place that her brother lost his life on 9/11.

I would like to say that this has been a busy week, but in truth, I have done nothing that I was supposed to do....Do I feel guilty, yeah, I do.  I did not make it to DMV, did not make it to the dealer for a new rear tire, good thing our state has decided that we no longer need to have inspections on the bike, because I would have to do that too....  No more lollygagging.....The "Old Bird" is calling.....take me out....take me out....Goodness knows that she has been cooped up for far too long and we both desperately need to stretch our wings....I, we, need to make new memories. 

 We have been outside doing gardening, and some outside repairs to the house, and the garage needs to be cleaned and set to rights.  Andrew did the switching of the motorized tools, he swapped out the snow blower for the lawn mower, did whatever it has to be done so that the snow blower can over summer and be able to start come the winter.  The lawn was mowed for the first time, he weed wacked, and my favorite, edged.  I love the way an edged lawn looks.  Tomorrow for Mother's day, we will put down the rest of the mulch and yes, we will relax.

My big puppy boy came for a visit, I just want to bite his nose so bad....

These are better days