Wednesday, July 30, 2014

debugging the birds.....

Riding through Maine was simply beautiful.  The roads cut through the mountain and they look like ribbons winding through the trees.  You can see them for miles on end.  I thought about the GoPro camera at least 4 times each hour we rode, wishing that we had it.
At the end of the day, after we showered and had eaten dinner, it was time to relax.  Andrew enjoys having a cigar and an alcoholic beverage when he is chilling.  I found myself in another fruitless foray into alcoholism.  So while I was taking pictures, he was cleaning all the bugs off the fairings.  Maine has some of the hugest bugs I have ever seen.  The splats were ginormous and seriously funky.   He found that my front fender had come loose and needed to be tightened.

Andrew fixed my bike while I packed our gear.  He put his tour pack on so we had the extra space. 
Sometimes we need the prime real estate that his tour pack affords us, my tour pack does not hold more than my pocketbook, big camera, night glasses, maps, and of course. Jerky.  It  is not a ride unless you have jerky.  The CD player that is in my tour pack takes up a serious amount of space, I could be putting stuff in that spot.  Andrew's tour pack is nothing but wide open space.  It is a very good thing that I carry bungee cords, I can seriously back my passenger pillion. 
We saw so many motorcycles.  When we are oot & aboot (Canadian for out & about) I check out license plates.  There were so many different ones, lots were from Maine, Canadian were abundant, but tons were from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  Massachusetts and Connecticut plates were ample also. 

I know now what happened to my big gnome that was in the front yard.....

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ahh home, home, let me come home

I took some pictures of us getting ready to leave for our Maine adventure.....

We had talked about going to Maine for quite some time, and when Donna said told us that she was going to Maine to visit her brother, Albert, I asked her some particulars.  She wanted to drive, but did not want to go it alone.  So it was decided that we would take her in our truck, and we would tool around on our bikes.  Donna and Albert had lots of plans.  They would be off doing what they were going to be doing.  We also had a plan and that plan was that we had no plan only a mission.

I packed our bags that would stay at Albert's house, and I took along the saddlebag liners so that I could pack our bikes with the necessary gear.

I am sorry to say that I tend to over pack, but you never know what the weather will be like or what you may need.  I have this thing about being prepared, hehehehe.

The truck/trailer packed and loaded ready to go. 

Fun and excitement was had.  Did we meet many people?  No, there were not many people to meet.  Northern Maine, where we were, is not a populated place, heck there was no mail delivery, people just got house numbers (addresses), some roads are not paved, and some don't have electricity.  Yeah, we are not moving to those roads, I have a serious liking to electricity and black-top.

Andrew was the Wagon Master, and I delightfully followed him.  When asked if I was hungry, I replied with "I could eat"......

The gas station/market company name nearly slayed me.

We rode everyday averaged about 150 miles per day.  There is no helmet law in Maine.  Andrew was making the most of it.  He had a serious wind-blown doo going on.

It was a good thing he had his hair cut before we left, cause at the length it was, his hair would have been a knotty mess.
There were copious amounts of motorcycles, so there was a lot of waving going on.  Quads and quad riders were also bountiful.  They ride on trails and camp out in the woods, we saw people at the gas stations, along side the roads, and at the ice cream parlors.  They were seriously dirty.  I met a woman who was riding her quad, she told me that riding my bike looks like fun, I said it was.  She said that I stayed a lot cleaner than her, I am happy for that, there was nowhere on her person that was not caked in mud. 

I did some serious communing with nature.

 I have discovered Humming Birds and I love, love, love them.  We are going to attract our own next spring.  I have plan.  I need to order the feeders.  I think I will start looking now, maybe I can find some on clearance.

Andrew was also communing with nature. 

There were also some furry little friends....

I took at least a thousand pictures of Albert's Humming Birds.  He is the Humming Bird Whisperer. Humming Birds are the cutest things you ever did see, and I was fortunate enough to hold one.  She had gotten confused, along with a little male in Albert's garage, hit the walls, and knocked themselves silly.

When we first decided that we were going to Maine, it was a given what would be our quest.  We went in search of the ultimate lobster roll.  I put into my phone where, according to the web, some of the best lobster rolls were being served, and if we were in the area we could go.  We would also willy-nilly our search.  It was going to be arduous but we were up to it.

Our first lobster roll stop was in Kittery, we went to Bob's Clam Hut.  It was fantastic.  Maybe we should not have gone to the "best" first, cause then nothing would measure up.  But maybe, just maybe, this one would pale.  The clam strips were also phenomenal as was the clam chowder.

When we traveled down to Bar Harbor, he wore his helmet.  The speed limit is 75 on Route 95, now that was fun, I love to go fast.  I really, really, really love to go fast.

 Our excursion to Bar Harbor included another lobster roll quest, Andrew said he was blinded by the smoke from the kettles, and we had to stop.  I was busy looking at the planes landing at the airport, while he was looking for food, now that was a switch.

When I took the picture most of the smoke dissipated.

When we walked in it was a wee bit crowded, but not with patrons, although there were some, it was crowded with kitsch.  Lots and lots of kitsch.

It was like being surrounded by a hoarder.  Then we got the menus....(angels harkening)....oh the food that passed us....I could not wait to place my order.

We ordered the lobster chowder and fried calamari.  Another one of our quests is to find great fried calamari.  We each had a warm lobster roll with an order of french fries and coleslaw to share.  The lobster roll was so delicious that we ordered one more to split.  Eureka!!!  This was the best lobster roll by far, we will sorely be pressed to find one that is better.  Andrew said that he prefers to have a warm lobster roll over a cold one, I agree with him on that, but I am not about to turn down a cold one either.

After we ate, while I made some calls to find a hotel/motel/cabin with accommodations and a paved/flat parking lot, Andrew spoke to my Mom to get the skinny on what was going on at home.

My Mom and Dad gave him the what's what on what was going on at home.  Chico keeps on getting in between my Mom's feet and she is shuffling him along with a guide stick because she does not want to get snapped by him is she lifts him up.  He gets me frustrated so I just pick him up and make sure that I don't put any body parts near his mouth.  You would think that he would mellow with age, but not him, he just keeps on getting more ornery in his old age.  She did tell me that I had a surprise waiting for me, not such a big surprise, but a surprise just the same.  After calling a few places, a very nice desk clerk called some other places and found a room for us.  It was almost into Bar Harbor.  We took it.

The place in Bar Harbor was nice, and parking was a dream.  The best thing....a king size bed.  Goodness I love a king size bed.

Staying in the next room was a cousin to our bikes from Pennsylvania.

After we settled in, we went for a walk and we found Udder Heaven.
Life is grand and with ice cream it is all that much sweeter. 

The weather in Maine was beautiful, with only one day that was disgustingly hot and humid.  We rode every single day, and saw some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable.  Our last day of riding was spent with Donna and Albert.  Albert lead us to Baxter State Park.

On the road to Baxter there was a beautiful log cabin that served as the general store, cabin/site/tube rental, hunting guide, cafe, and was also the owner's home.  

We went inside to inspect their wares and to have some lunch.  It was awesome inside.

We ordered some lunch and then went into the dining room to wait for our food and to check out at what they had gone hunting for.  The tables were beautiful.

 I felt sorry for all the buddies that were hanging around on the inside.

 After lunch we rode to the entrance to the park.  We could not go in because motorcycles are prohibited.

I took pictures and we had some laughs.  It was a great day.

Andrew and I also went to Frederickton, New Brunswick, Canada for a day of shopping.  I wanted to go to the Bulk Barn.  I also needed to go to the grocery store there so that I could get Clamato Juice.  It is a known fact that Canadian Clamato juice is far superior to American Clamato juice.  I also found a few other things that are available there that we cannot get here.  So I kind of stocked up.

We had the Maine vacation that we talked about having for four or five years.  It was a most wonderful vacation, Albert was a gracious host.  He opened his home to us and we enjoyed his hospitality.  He has a lot in common with my Dad, he also has a friend that hangs out in his house too.
While she may not be as famous as Jerry Hall, I am sure she has been known to have hung out at the some of the priciest stores.

This is us getting ready to leave Maine after our adventure...
 After a mere 13 hours in the truck, we are here....back where we began, woohoo, woohoo

While we may have sampled many different lobster rolls during our Maine holiday it has been decided after much deliberation, the best lobster roll and the best calamari was had at
Gateway Lunt's  Lobster on Route 3 in Bar Harbor.   Another special note is food that was served at the Brookside Diner & Motel in Smyrna, Maine was pretty fantastic.  The homemade bread was delectable, I had them make me a Patty Melt with sauteed onion on their bread served with new potatoes and peas.  Never in my life have I ever had potatoes so delicious.  They were cooked in, I think, butter and cream.  I have to see if I can find the recipe.

When we arrived home, my parents were waiting for us.  We unloaded the our stuff, and we brought our things in.  This is what Andrew and I were met with.

I finally got to see cupboard doors, Andrew grinned.  I am hoping that soon we can have the rest of the doors and all of the drawers because this has gone on for far too long.  I want to have this mess done with.

Home.  Yes, I am Home.  Home is when I am alone with you.