Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sunshine felt like rain

It is Spring...Spring

It is still a little too early to start planting, but not so early to do some serious cleaning.  I am giving a new method of chore doing a try.  I can't let my Cleaning ADD rule me anymore, so with the help of my timer I'm going to give it a whirl.

My flowers are blooming, so today I am going to take some pictures, work on a side-job that I decided to take on, and continue spring cleaning.

time rolls by like hurricanes

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

as I thought I was

Once you learn to drive standard shift and do so proficiently it is something you never forget.  You may not drive it for 50 years but once learned never forgotten.  You always know that you let the clutch out slow in first while accelerating.  Sure you will stall a couple of times but in 5 minutes it becomes old hat, lessons learned and dexterity returns. We look for the spot where it catches, where the gears mesh, where the drive wheel moves you forward.  The proverbial "sweet spot" is what you are looking for or the memory of it.  Where all things align.

Monday, March 7, 2016

tufts on the stairs

When posed with the question, "Are people capable of change",  some will say that a "Leopard can't change it's spots" or "Pain changes a person".  I think that there are mitigating circumstances or happening that could sway a person to change, sometimes for the good, greater good, and sometimes even for the worse.  I am on the fence about our change.  I don't know if it is good, bad, or indifferent.   I am both shocked and dismayed.  While I try to process this quandary, I am still wowed by it.  

Our little slice of heaven has always been a haven for dogs....we love dogs.  We both grew up with dogs.  We considered ourselves "Dog People".  We love dogs.  I love dogs.  Dogs are the best.  I am not going to say that it is because they are sweet, obedient, and cuddly because Sadie and Chico were far from being warm and fuzzy.  Sadie was aloof, did not come in the house when you wanted, or stop barking when you told her.  Chico was a grouchy, crotchety, and mean.  On the flip side, Chico loved to do tricks, snuggle, and be right next to you while you doing something.  He could escape anything, he could climb ladders and fences, balance on top of anything including but not limited to wood stacks, traffic signals, bird baths with the bath, tops of fences, and motorcycles.  He wanted nothing but to be up Andrew's butt.  Sadie, much to her chagrin, was Gabriella's doll, she dressed her, put her in her carriage and pushed her around.  Sadie's tail was pulled, her ears smushed, and her body swaddled.  Sadie could be outside the fence and not go into the street.  She was never on a leash.

Then along came Buddy....he was the bestest dog ever.  Yes, he had to have a leash on and yes I was afraid that he would run in the street and he was scared of fireworks, but he was the most loving, sweetest, cuddling dog.  He could snuggle better, yeah he was good at that, better than any dog ever.  Andrew would tell me he could not go to school because he was snuggling with Buddy.  He was the heating brick that you needed in your bed when you were cold, he knew exactly where you needed him to be so you could get warm.  Buddy loved to be the first thing you looked at when you opened your eyes.  He was never in a rush to do anything, he was the perfect hang out dog.  Yes, he did bark, but not excessively, he loved all creatures big and small.  He could be trusted not to eat any of Gabriella's bunnies, she would tell him to "find the baby" and he would show her where the baby was.  He had his own "Baby" that he never hurt, just slept with, carried around, and never. ever shared with any of the other dogs.  He was the prettiest of all....he was perfect in every way.  The best part was that he was a rescue....."they" his original owners' were idiots, plain and simple.

Then Skazi came to us.  When I thought we could not have anymore hair, he came with his fur coat.  A person does not really know how much dog hair they have until they get a Siberian Husky.  Now that is dog hair, dog hair for days, dog hair for weeks, months.  A person really needs to think long and hard about having any type of Spitz Dog.  He was Buddy's BFF.  Buddy was his BFF.  They were brothers through and through.  Skazi is a beautiful boy.  Not the brightest penny in the pot, but a beauty nonetheless. 

Where is all this heading, well it is plain and simple....we have no more dogs...Sadie passed, Buddy passed, Chico passed, and Skazi moved out with the kids.   We are dog free.  No more paws to wipe.  No more animals jumping for snacks.  No more stupid pet tricks.  We don't have to rush home.  I have mixed emotions about this.  I am.....