Monday, September 29, 2014

Now I'm standing erect and I feel like coming back

Saturday was spent doing my "wifely" duties, I was making tomato salad, vacuuming, and doing laundry, I went outside to bring Andrew a fresh cup of coffee, and was shocked to see his motorcycle on the lift, under the tent getting a bath.  I can't remember a time when his bike got washed before mine.  It does not matter which one he washes because even after 30 years it still is my favorite sporting event.  I love to watch him.   I got to enjoy watching him smoke, drink from his new cup, wash his beauty.  I love to ride with him and I have been very happily chasing him down the road, emulating his moves, shifting 1/10th of a second after, and enjoying every single solitary moment.

Being true to my word, I ventured to the grocery by myself.  As I showered and made myself ready to leave, Andrew took my bird out of her nest to have a complete wash.  I am sorry to say that I did not get any pictures of that.  My saddlebags got removed along with the tour pack.  He said that my bike was "buggier" than his, I don't know how, but if he says so.  Yeah, mine has a couple of more rides on it than his, that could be it.  I had the rear tire changed and apparently they did not put a rubber thingy back on the right way and he had to fix it.  Also, one of my saddle bags is cracked.
I was thinking that I don't particularly care for how the bike looks without the saddlebags, maybe because the brackets are there and the shocks are not chrome, and yes, I think that shocks should be chrome, because I love chrome.  I was looking at Andrew's bike and now I'm thinking it does look mighty good without the saddlebags, very sleek and fast.  I'm saying a big no to not having saddlebags, cause I got stuff, Andrew's got stuff and we need somewhere to put said stuff.  I always have my tour pack, Andrew very, very rarely has his, so I get to carry all of the stuff that goes into a tour pack including most importantly beef jerky, you just got to have jerky.  You know a ride isn't a ride unless there is jerky, does not matter what kind or flavor just so long as it is jerky.  We have friends that say the same but instead of jerky they have to have Fig Newtons. 

It was a wonderful weekend, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Monday is here and so is all the stuff that goes with it.  I am going to enjoy the week while I am looking forward to the next weekend.  Before we even realize it winter will be here.  I am looking forward and dreading it at the same time. But for now, it is fall.

And the sun is shining gold, put a smile on my face, get back in the human race, and get on with the show.

Friday, September 26, 2014

a very good finish indeed

Over the past eighteen years I have accumulated quite a collection of table cloths and runners.  I probably know where each and every one was purchased from.   I would think about which one I was going to put on for the upcoming season or holiday.  It was my first line of holiday decorating.  I would get antsy to change them, I could not wait for the day of the change, it became like small holiday.  I could change the runners and the tablecloths many times during each season, but I never put one one that was not seasonal appropriate.  I could not have that.  During the last few days of the season, I would be thinking of my new tablescape, and be so excited.  The rest of my family would just think that I was nutty.  They thought that it was a pain in the neck when I would put those faux crystal things scattered across the runners, and what ever was placed in the middle of the table.  We ate at the dining room table every night, so yes, it had to be moved, so the table could be set for dinner, but that was a small price to pay for the beauty, at least I thought so. 

Each and every year, the ritual changes would come on the same days.  Tuesday after Labor Day, Black Friday, December 27, Tuesday after Memorial Day.  The only day that was a floater was the day we after we came home from Daytona.  We would bring the Spring with us from Florida.  I knew that within a couple of days of returning home from Bike Week, the crocuses would start pushing their way through, and Spring was coming.  How I love coming home and having some color to my skin.  Andrew, of course, would have a tan, he would be riding with no sleeves, enjoying the warm weather because he had just spent the last 5 months working out in the cold, and it was a treat to be warm, he just soaked up the weather.

When we started the kitchen/dining room renovation the two rooms were separated, Andrew took down the wall to make it one.  We added a peninsula to give us extra storage and much needed counter space.  The downside was that we lost 18" inches of floor space in both rooms.  I think that it was an easy decision.  I love the long expanse of the counter top and I am so very happy with the second sink.  New window, floors, walls, new cabinets, cupboards, counter tops, and ceilings rounded out the renovation.  We can't forget the stove. 

After the longest 7 years, the chandelier went back up with the medallion, Andrew did a most wonderful job, the new (6 years in the box) shades were put on.  We could never not have Far's gift to Mor not hang, I look at the gunmetal chandelier and it brings back some of the most wonderful memories.  I am in love with how the room is turning out, I can hardly wait for the drawers to be made, we now have most of the doors, and the corner cabinets need to be made to finish off the look.  It feels like it has taken the longest to get the kitchen/dining room rehab done, well we are in the 3rd year of construction, but you know you can't rush these things. 

We needed an extra fitting for the chandelier to be hung, so I ventured to a couple lighting stores to get the part we needed.  I will say that I looked, just looked, ok maybe lusted after, a few other lamps.  I don't ever want to replace my grandparents' fixture, and Andrew is ok with that.

I wanted to put shutters up in the dining room, both top and bottom.  I just love the way that it looks.  We had shutters in our first apartment and I loved them.  Andrew not so much.  He indulged me with putting them first in the bathroom.  I just wanted something that could be closed when needed, because the main bath is on the second floor in the front of the house.  I love to have the windows open as often as possible without obstruction.  Shutters fit the bill.  After a year or so of living in the house, we put them in the family room.  As our house is on the corner, sitting in the family room was like sitting in a fish bowl, because when dog walking people did walk by, they did look in.  Also, when we had guests that slept in there they would have a little privacy.   I was able to get white enameled wood, they are a breeze to clean, and they keep the room bright.  A little valance at the top and viola.  In the dining room we did put them on the top and bottom, and I am loving them beyond pale.

The dining room table and chairs were ginormous, way too wide for the new dining room floor plan.  My parents' blessed us with, new to us, dining room furniture.  The table is 6" less in width and only 4 inches shorter with the leaves in it.  It also came with 10 chairs, 4 more than we had.  The best part is that the table top is perfect.  I have not had a table cloth on it yet.  I am loving the top, enjoying the wood, nothing but runner....woo hoo woo hoo.  After an exhaustive search I think that I have found the perfect centerpiece, I may need one or two more seasons with it to declare it, but I think this could quite possibly be it.

The table is lovely.  I found a faux fruit box and tomato can in my favorite store.  I added pumpkins to both and I am loving it.

The rain on the window, snow on the gravel
The seasons go by to the songs in the wood

Monday, September 15, 2014

109,357.3 days, 1,565.3 weeks, 360 months, 30 years, 3 decades of us...

Saturday, September 15, 1984 at 11:00 AM, thirty years ago today we wed...

This is us....

This is us down at the Mardi Gras

This is us in your Daddy's Car

You and the missing link

 Yeah, I'd had a little too much to drink, now

 Too long in the sun

Having too much fun

You and me and our memories

This is us

Rocking at the barbecue'
 Yeah, when we said I do
 Hand jiving on the Ballroom floor
 You in that wedding coat you wore
Me in that amazing dress
We were stoned on love I guess
 You and Me were meant to be, This is us

This is us on our honeymoon, in our hotel room

 sitting near the wishing well, checking out love motel,

 making plans for the Sunshine State
waiting at the terminal gate
You and me making history

This is us
And our baby boy

With our pride and joy

You at the Sunday Game

Standing next to What's his name
On our Anniversary

With the family

You and me and our memories

This is us
This is us

This is us

This is us
This is us

This is us
This is us

This is us.  To 209,357.3 more days...You and me our memories...This is us