Wednesday, August 27, 2014

come close and we'll begin

I don't know what happened to August.  Just yesterday it was July, now an entire month has flown by.  When I was a kid it seemed that August was so long, now time just goes by in the blink of an eye.   My Mom, by late August, would be looking for us to go back to school.  Being a kid was good, being a kid from Brooklyn was very good.

When asked or when I say where I came from,  I'm from Brooklyn, specifically Bay Ridge, it is like a badge of honor, it means something, like the whole was your home, and you where accepted, loved, cared for.  I am not saying that it was all rainbows, bunnies, and fluff, sure it could be seedy and dirty, but you knew who you where and where you belonged.  I was never afraid, scared, or apprehensive about going or walking anywhere, cause we were safe, or so I thought.  It was your neighborhood.  If you did not know somebody, your older sibling knew who it was or you knew somebody who knew them.  Everybody knew everybody.  I don't know who these people are though, but maybe Kiki or Johnny knows......
Even though some of the pictures are way before I was even thought of, or even before my parents were thought of, I can remember some of the buildings before they were altered or even taken down.  Some places were not even built and they were just lots then.  I can remember them knocking down big old huge houses only to put in 5 or 6 houses where only one had stood.  We were lucky, very lucky indeed, to have grown up in a big old wood house, a single family.

This was my home, my very little world, from where I came. 

Now my world is different. 

August is almost the same though, I remember it being hot, but not like it is now, and we had Spring, real Spring.  I feel as if we go from having the heat on in the house straight to having the air conditioning on.  The best possible part of the summer, beside riding and vacationing, is the garden.  I love the flowers, herbs, and veggies.  I am so very happy now that the Fig Tree is having some growth on it.  There are tiny little figgies, they are not figs yet, on it.  The garden is just alive.  The only drawback is the mosquitoes.  Yeah, they are biting big time.   

 We were surprised with a Magic Lily.  It just appeared on day.  Like magic.

My other favorite is the "sporting events".  I just love them.

I could watch that all day long......

Life is different, but life is good.  Life is good indeed.

to find our beautiful selves again.

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