Tuesday, November 4, 2014

If you got a hammer and a vise

Fur was flying all over the house, three dogs and one cat make for a goodly amount of fur, especially if one of said dogs is a husky blowing his summer coat.  On the upside, it wasn't his winter coat.  I think it is all about perspective.  If, I really do mean if because I am really thinking I don't want, we ever get another dog I want one that does not shed.  Yes, we would have to get the dog haircuts, but there would be no shedding, that would be a major plus.  I had to bring Buddy to Dr. Bev to have his teeth cleaned, the end result of the cleaning was a shocker.  His kidneys are not doing all that great, and yeah, he too is getting old.  We now have two dogs that are on prescription food, Chico on the WD and now Buddy on the KD.  Go figure both dogs on different food, talking about rolling with it, two of them now.  Of course there is an upside, Buddy's new food comes in a chunky variety unlike Chico's that resembles wall paper paste in texture and color.  I think flavor also because it does not t look very appetizing, and it does not smell appetizing as well.   I have to say that Chico does try to get out of eating it every night by waiting and hoping that Buddy will leave him a little something something.  Thank goodness that Buddy does leave him a morsel or two.  Of course there was some of Buddy's old food left and we gave the few cans of regular food to Mel when she and Andrew came to pick up Skazi on their way home from Clark's wedding.  Buddy is still the happiest puppy in the world, except he isn't a puppy anymore and he is always cold now, we bought him a red waffle shirt to wear, I am hoping it will do the trick. All in all we had a great weekend with lots of laughs and ahh moments...

Oh yeah, fall is here big time, I can hope for Indian Summer but I think the chances of that are slim to none.

We have figs, but I don't think that they are going to ripen in time.  I am so very happy that the fig tree rebounded.

She'll let you in her heart

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