Saturday, November 29, 2014

so truly blessed and thankful

I have spent the last six days in absolute bliss.  We have been so busy with all the preparations for our very special holiday.  Wednesday we got hit with some awful weather, but it was all good, we just needed to go out for a few little odds & ends.  My Mom and Dad had their first visit to Whole Foods and they liked it a whole bunch.  Mona, my Mom, thought that the store was absolutely beautiful, it was crazy busy so much so that you could not really enjoy it, but that they had some really great products.  My Dad could not stop joking about the "cage free" eggs or the "free range" chickens.  Mona purchased shrimp and chocolate, while I bought milk and brioche bread.  It was fun, people shopping, pushing, shoving, and all.

Thanksgiving Day was.......wonderful.  There is so much to be thankful for.  We have our family.  We may not have all been together, we regaled one another with stories of past stories and exploits.

I took some really crappy pictures.  Some extreme close-ups.....

Thanksgiving can be summed up in one picture....
We truly are blessed.


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