Saturday, November 8, 2014

it's just you and me

A long, long while ago, Kathy and I went to a fantastic sale on Talmage Road in Edison, there was a woman with the most fabulous cut and color.  Red, beautiful, glorious red.  Her hair was amazing, I pointed her out to Kathy and she agreed, the cut complemented her face and the color against her skin was all that.  I just had to tell her, so I made my way over.  She shocked me by saying "you too can have this", then pulled up on her bangs to reveal that she was wearing a wig.  I was blown away, I would never have guessed or even thought it.  Yes, I could have it too......NOT.  I tried to twice to have red hair and failed twice miserably trying to pull it off.  The first time I tried it was to make my husband happy and smile after his Mom passed away, I don't remember why I did it the second time, maybe for the same reason, I don't know.  After each try we had to dye my hair dark, I can't pull that off either, before being able to go back to being blonde.  I am a blonde, that is what God, my parents, genetics, and Clairol, now Redkin have made me.  So I wear red, I love red, have quite a few pairs of shoes and boots in red, and of course, my favorite shoes of all time were these red sling-back pumps that I bought on Lexington and 42nd, NYC back in the day.

I was told that red is the color of good luck in the Chinese community, and so I have decided that along with a lot of prayer, I should also have a little good luck.  I have taken to wearing a red strings.  The anklet and bracelet that I wear are knotted the same way a Rosary is, so I guess I am covering both bases.  I went a couple of steps more with wearing only red "shambala" like bracelets also.   I thought that with these preventive measures evil could not permeate.  Sometimes we invite the evil in unknowingly, that is when you get blindsided.  Never again, never ever again.

My friend Cathy was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer, I got on a plane as soon as I could to go and see her, I brought along a red bracelet for her, cause I figured with all the people praying for her health, she too could use all the good luck she could get.  I guess that all was on her side, maybe not in the way I hoped.  I wanted her to remain with us for a long time, what I did not think was that maybe I was being selfish, she did not stay with us for very long, cause all the prayers were answered and she did not suffer for a long while, and I guess that was lucky for her.  I have been thinking about Cathy and her husband, Roger, a lot, and in truth I miss talking to her.

We left for our adventure to Delaware, I was wearing red all over but not limited to three red bracelets, one red anklet, red shoes hoping that luck would be on my side.  I did not think that I should pray in this instance for anything other than a safe journey to, from, and during.  I thought that I should do what I could to stir up some good luck, and yes, I got some good luck on my side.  Everything that we needed was there, and even a few things we didn't.  We were thrilled to have scored so well, until we turned our back and someone reached into the cart, lifted out the "icing on the cake", and made off with it.  I was sad, but apparently they needed it more than me, I just hope that they are happy with it, because I would have been.

They day ended with a whirl about the Farmers' Market in New Castle, DE, we had great seafood, and then played with a puppy.  That little thing was the cutest, she was a Jack Russel/Rat Terrier mix with a slight cross under bite.  Oh, oh was she cute.  We popped into the Amish Bakery for a whoopee pie.  Then went home.

It was a good day, a very good day with lots of good luck on our side.

I wore those red slingbacks to death.  My favorite was with red/white side pleated slacks, white blouse that buttoned in the back, and a white patent belt, goodness I loved that outfit....

it's where I want to be

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