Thursday, February 19, 2015

things ventured

Gabriella put herself out-there yesterday and I am happy with that.  It seems that creative gene that my Mom and Grandmother possess, that skipped me, has firmly been installed in Gabriella.  She has a very artistic side to her.  She will have her stuff falling down around her and you see her sitting on the floor with her strings making coverings for her wires or making knots with "cat-gut" as she strings together a bracelet or necklace.  Gabriella is always making something and not picking up after herself, but still entirely busy, busy, busy.  She (it really wasn't hard) roped me into a new endeavor, making fleece blankets to sell. Her first one was so warm and fuzzy that I was caught up in the yumminess of polar fleece.  Yeah, of course, there are 64.9 million different fleece patterns and you know where that went.

Glenette was asked to participate in an event hosted by the Union County College Campus Center and asked if Gabriella would like to join her.  Gabriella did a fantastic job shopping and making her blankets for the event.  I am pleased that she had the opportunity for a showing and she met the deadline.  She also had a few other items that she hand-made for sale.  She did not make a killing but she followed through with her plans and made some contacts. 

All around it was a good day and a nice day out.  I think that the most important thing is that Gabriella was proud of herself and what she made.

I still do not have a favorite blanket, I love them all.

things gained

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