Friday, February 27, 2015

keeps giving

When we were given the amaryllis for Thanksgiving, I hoped that it would bloom by Christmas.  Needless to say that it did not happen.  Not too long after, it finally did bloom, we were graced with two stalks with three flowers each.  They were absolutely beautiful and somehow they house felt more alive by the flowers.  As the flowers bloomed the leaves started to grow.  When the flowers were spent the leaves just keep on growing tall, and I figured that the only green we would be having in the house would be the leaves.  I was looking at the giant bulb  and saw a few more leaves starting to grow.  Everyday I would spin the flower around so that the leaves grew straight.  Each day I was asked if I touched it, and no was always my answer.

One day I was turning the plant and noticed a strangely fat leaf growing....and then a few days later I realized what it was.....a new flower.

As the leaves grew taller, the new flower's growth was twice that.  When it first bloomed they flowers were tall, but nothing like now.  It is truly a beauty.

It has three flowers that are exceptional.  The flowers are 3' feet tall.  They reach the bottom of the chandelier. 

What a wonderful beauty.

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