Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blue Heaven

Most of my favorite programs on the television have to do with food.  I love the Food Channel and Cooking Channel.  I love to watch programs where the homeowners' get new kitchen.  I do have a few exceptions like Shameless, House of Cards, Lilyhammer, and Big Bang.  Other than them, it is always about the kitchen.  I love a fantastic bath, but a kitchen rocks my world.  So when I was asked if I would like a new kitchen, I could not get the yes out of my mouth fast enough.

The one thing that was an absolute must was the upper cupboards had to go all the way to the ceiling.  That said, it was the most difficult part.  Nobody makes them that tall, they have to be custom made.  They are almost finished and they are wonderful, perfect, and beautiful.  The only hardware is the soft close hinges.  The perfect pull has not been located for either the drawers or doors.  No worries.

I had a grand time going to the different warehouses to shop for a counter.  There are so many beautiful mediums that can be used for counters and a backsplash.  It took a while to find the counter top.   The granite guys did a wonderful job cutting and installing the counter, I love it beyond. 

The backsplash was always to be subway tile.  I just not realize that there are 60 million sizes of subway tile.  It was like a giant jigsaw with mostly the same shape.  What I thought was going to be easiest part of the tile backsplash, wasn't.  Now it is done and I am ecstatic.

I am loving these under cupboard lights.....they are so bright.  

As a boon, we added receptacle led lights, they are awesome.

All we need is the arugula...


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