Friday, June 27, 2014

Baby baby you know it's true

I am so looking forward to this weekend.  I have my day planned for tomorrow, I am going to make sauce.  I have depleted all my reserves, I gave my Mom & Dad the last of it.   I have gotten almost everything that I need to get started on the new batch.

We made the decision not to have a large garden this year, well not as large as it was last year.  We planted, only one type of basil and oregano.  We do have three tomato plants.  I will go out in the morning for the herbs for sauce.

The tomatoes have cute almost little flowers.
This tomato plant is in the mash barrel.  The others are planted in the ground.  I will go tomorrow and take some pictures of them and the parsley.

The birds were very happy chirping in the "rosti-bush" so I decided to see if I could stick the camera in and take a picture of them.  The only thing I did get was pricked by the thorns on that thing.....

The Hosta-funkies are starting to bloom too.
The flowers are so very pretty.

Ain't nobody in this world for me but you....

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