Sunday, June 29, 2014

conscious conservatory

It has been a lovely weekend, yes it was quiet, some unplanned activities, but all in all it was quite nice.  I did not get to go for a ride but I did enjoy myself just the same.  I got to raid the garden for a few little treasures.  I took some wonderful photos, laughed at a few, cringed inwardly at others.  I even found a few moments to read, now that was really nice.  I think the best part was just hanging out with my little family. 

I am sorry to say that it was time, maybe a little past time, but now it is done.   The fig tree has been cut down almost to the ground.  While it pleases me to see that there are little baby shoots growing out of the limbs close to the ground, I am so very sorry to see all the old growth dead.  I am hoping that next year it will grow and be as fruitful as it had been in the past. 

The little tomato plants are showing me the cutest little fruit.  I think I will take pictures of them everyday. 

It is just like a mini jungle going on in a mash barrel.

thank you 

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