Monday, June 23, 2014

in your eyes

While it is true that we did not go for a weekend away or even a short ride,  we shared a time just the same.  I like the us as it once was.

Herbs and veggies were planted, I just need to get regular oregano and Thai basil.  Parsley, I need to get more parsley....regular flat leaf.

The dreaded "cleaning of the stove" was sort of started, the hood fan got cleaned.  According to the manufacturer we can put baffles for the fan into the dishwasher, well we did that twice now, and it does not work.  Both times they had to be soaked in simple green, then scrubbed and then put into the dishwasher.  Maybe we don't have the right dishwasher mmmmmm.  Andrew decided that maybe they can be power washed, and yup, it worked.  After the baffles were dried, he tackled the rest of the hood and then the backguard,  All done now and it looks great.  Next, the top of the stove.....but not today.....

it's Sunday night, and well tomorrow is coming up real fast.

the resolution of all the fruitless searches

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