Monday, December 15, 2014

gentle encouragement

I still haven't touched it, technically.  I have moved it around, in fact I moved it into the living room to get more sun.  Our lovely bulb is growing in leaps and bounds.  You can actually see it grow, and I am not fooling, really, from one day to the next.

It has leaves or maybe the flower growing from both sides now.  I wonder which is which.  It has been so long time since I had an amaryllis, so I do not remember what I am looking for.  

I have been getting things ready for Christmas and I am really looking forward to having our family staying at our house for the holidays.....Mor is always here with me...

 I found this online last week, I thought this would be perfect for Andrew & Mellay...

The time is now, I thank you for your quiet support, I am going to make that leap forward. 

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