Thursday, December 11, 2014

ramping up

I have thirteen days to get ready.  I need to get moving, I really mean moving.  I haven't put up the tree, no lights, not even a tablescape.  This cough that I got is knocking me for a loop and just sapping me of all my strength.  If the cough isn't enough I just seem to always get caught outside when there is some sort of precipitation falling from the sky and I end up getting wet and cold.  So I more.  I have a hot toddy, yes it is ok when you are sick to have a toddy in the middle of the afternoon,  and I am going to start first with my menu list and move on from there. 

I have not touched the amaryllis, so of course it is growing, same thing can be said for the herbs.

One of Sadie's favorite places to lie in the sun was on the back of the sofa in the family room, she would get the heat coming up from the radiator and the warmth of the sun, that little dog was always cold, so it was her spot.  I walked into the family room yesterday and I was met with this....

Sadie would not have liked this at all.  StellaLuna in her spot, in her spot, and not to mention that she is a cat no less, this would never fly.  No way, no how, no no no.  Luna is a very nosy.  I think she looks just like Toothless from the dragon movie.

Thirteen days.....moving, moving, moving

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