Sunday, January 11, 2015

fluffy and warm

When Andrew, Dylan, and Gabriella were small they had matching outfits.  One of my all time favorites were the polar fleece jackets and hats.  The boys had jackets and Gabriella had a one piece suit.  The outside was a black/white buffalo check with royal blue on the inside for Dylan and Andrew, and Gabriella's was hot pink.  They all had the interior color as fringe on the outside.  They were the cutest ever.  Mor always made them sweater/hat/mittens all to match each other, so they never really had a problem matching each other.  I got to find the pictures.

I was channeling the warm and fuzzy memories while we went shopping for fleece.  Gabriella has my Mom's talent for crafts, it must have skipped me.  She wanted to make a blanket.  I went a little nutty.  Needless to say she made a few.  I am loving them all.

all fluffy and warm.......

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