Sunday, January 25, 2015

it does not matter how slowly you go

It has been a while since I shared pictures of our most beautiful amaryllis.  The six white flowers are simply gorgeous.  The flowers took sometime to grow, but everyday they did, even if it was just a little.  They reminded me that we all most grow, move on, and let ourselves be able to let go of what it is that holds us in a place where we are stagnant, and never bloom.

Thank you Roberta for such a wonderful gift.

I am hoping that I will be able to get the tulips that I had last year.  They were so bright and cheerful.

I want to say that it has been cold, a little too cold for my liking.  I was looking at pictures of last winter and the one upside that I can see is that we have not had anywhere near as much snow as we did last year.  I believe that we had snow at least once a week.  Well I really should have not really said anything because we got dumped on Saturday.  It was not all that much but it was mighty heavy.  I only went outside for a little bit, then hightailed it right back in.

I am not looking forward to what is on it's way here.  We are supposed to have a severe snowstorm on Monday and Tuesday.  I have bologna, milk, and eggs so we are good.  I was thinking that I would like to make a cake. 

as long as you don't stop

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