Thursday, April 10, 2014

And as I pulled you tighter

Everyday, everyday, everyday....

With each passing day things are getting a tad greener, growing perceptively, and getting closer to bloom.  I take pictures of the days growth, and when I load them on the computer, it is like I am seeing them with new eyes.  I can go back many years to pictures that I have taken and see how things have grown, withered, and died.  Then come the spring and renewal, life begins again after a long winters rest.  Flowers that last year broke because of someone's carelessness have healed considerably, began to grow again. 

There a slight blooms on the forsythia, I have to remember to tell Andrew to look.  Mrs. Gallo is a blooming fool, she looks so beautiful. 

The daffodils are beautiful, Andrew planted daffodils into the patch that the Hosta funkies were in.  We are going to replant flowers, bulbs, and hopefully maybe a Rose of Sharon.

Gabriella would love a Bleeding Heart.  I must look into that.

We have tulips growing on the dining room table, this just brightens the room so much.

They are perfect.  The tulips are in Mor's crystal bowl, I love that bowl.  I can remember it always being in the center of her dining room table.  They had Danish Modern furniture and the table was a very dark color, and the finish on the table was amazing.  The finish on our table is satin, I wonder how it would look with a high gloss finish.

I look at everything as it is, maybe it is not perfect, life seldom is, but it is good, life is good, very good.  We all have a choices.  I have made mine, eyes wide open.

I swore I'd never let you go....

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