Sunday, July 6, 2014

rollin' on, it's hard sometimes

Say hello to my little friend......

He is just the cutest little, well not so little, happy guy gnome I have ever seen.  He came to live with us a few weeks ago, he hangs out in the back yard.  We now have flies, we have never had as many as we have had the last 3 years.  Thank goodness for screens.  We have a fly strip, I hate flies, hanging by the back door and my little friend's nose got some fly strip jelly on it. 

While we have some additions to the family and we have some that left.  The "City Pigs" have left suburbia.  We hope that they will come back next Christmas.  They were this past Christmas prize.  I got to claim the prize as mine, but I did not truly win, Andrew got the nut, hid it in his cheek and gave it to me.  That was the first time I had ever "won".....
The Piggies were a lot of fun.  They had a grand time on their adventures.

Buddy has been spending all of his day outside, I think he misses Skazi.  He played with him 24/7, they were best buds.  When he leaves the house, he always stops and smells Skazi's harness.  He lies outside on his "outdoor" bed sunbathing.  Buddy is one happy puppy, hard to believe he is 10 years old. 

I took some pictures of the house in all it's grand greenery, what a big change from just a few short months ago..

Today is the last day of a wonderful weekend. 

Pretty much it's alright...

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