Friday, October 23, 2015

Cause for concern?

I need to know what constitutes a well equipped kitchen and at what point is it considered overkill or even hoarding? 

My ladder has come out, the big green tote has been pulled up from downstairs, and I have to come to the realization that I have more than a person has any right to.  Yes, I know that I have said this before, but it is so true.  I got too much stuff, my stuff has stuff.  Just how many 9"springform pans does a person need?  How many 9" cake pans is enough?   How many glass baking dishes is appropriate?  How many different sizes are necessary?  What about splatter screens?   I can't even get into roasting pans.....  Fry pans are also a problem.  Pots and pans in stainless, tri-ply stainless, five layers of metal that include but not limited to stainless, copper and aluminum, stainless with teflon, cast iron, and of course,  enameled cast iron.   Oh what sweet agony you have brought, yeah some really awesome food, but a conundrum just the same.

I am going to loose it.  It is no wonder, I brought this all on myself.  I really need to get to the bottom of this.  If I psycho analyze myself I would say that I bought all these things because I thought they would make me feel better,  surrounding myself with things I like, and fill a void that I have in my life or it could be lack of self esteem.  Either way, I have a problem.  I think it is a pretty big one.  On the upside, by acknowledging I have a problem is the first step on the way to getting healthier.  I feel much better now.  I am still working on my problem of "saving for good", that has not been easy.

My Mom was here last week, I gave her my 7.5 Quart Oval Le Creuset, see that shows I am weeding out things.  It doesn't matter that for some reason I did not like to use it.  I don't particularly care for pots/pans/baking/roasting dishes that are oval shape.  I am not going to work on that flaw.  I put together a whole bunch of utensils that I have extras of and have been offering them all to everyone, then I will bring the rest to Goodwill.   We are not including any olive wood in that give away. 

I a hoping that this weekend the new owners of the butcher block to come to pick it up. 

The kitchen is almost, almost, almost ready.  It has been a long and arduous journey.  Woohoo......

no worries Mike, I think I got this

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