Wednesday, October 28, 2015

my tablescape obsession...

I just love to have a holiday/seasonal themed tablescape in the diningroom, it made my kids nuts.  They had to move it for every meal and then put it back after we were done.  We have never had a kitchen table because I wanted a diningroom table that was actually and always used.  Instead of a kitchen table in the we had a 4' x 3' island right smack in the middle of the room.  I will say that the kids used the kitchen stools to have breakfast on the island in the morning before school, other than that we ate every single meal at the dining table. 

This Fall table is making me very happy.  I found battery operated pumpkin lights, I am loving them....(so much so I bought two sets)

My Mom does not like the tablerunner, she said it was drab and plain.  I like it. I am looking for little jewel pumpkins to scatter about on the table. 

As for me I am living large with all our drawers and trying to figure out the flow....still working on the flow..

All in all, things are pretty awesome in my little world.

Admission is cathartic and is said to be good for the soul, I have to agree with it.  When we purge ourselves of the hurt, guilt, and fear.  We take ownership of ourselves and then try to become the best possible version of ourselves.  This is path that I am on, it is not always easy, not always smooth sailing, but I am working on it.  No more will I beat myself up.  I cannot control anyone else, only myself and how I react.  I am not responsible for another's' actions, only my own. 

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