Friday, May 2, 2014

unknown legend....

When I turned 25, Andrew(my husband) surprised me with my very own bike.  It was an '82 Honda 850 that he made look like a cafe racer, it was beautiful, and did she ever fly.  I had never had my "own" bike, I always rode one that belonged to someone else.  When I turned 35, Andrew bought me an '84 HD XLX , now when we rode together w were both on Harleys.  Woohoo....I know we have a picture of me on it, somewhere......this is a friend sitting on her the day we sold her.  It took Andrew the longest time to sell her.  He hates to get rid of anything.

This is me and my 1979 Harley-Davidson FXEF  80ci.  She was my first "Big Girl" bike.  I rode this shovelhead for quite a few years, when I would park and come back to her there was always a crowd around her.  I loved the fishtail exhaust.  I called her my helicopter, for every hour I rode it, she was 8 hours of repair.  She leaked like a sieve, and no one would ride behind me, because they would get covered in oil, good times, good times....

When Andrew got tired of fixing the shovelhead, we ordered my anniversary edition Heritage Softail.  What a difference in the ride, counter-balanced engine, no more vibration, it was good and bad.  Truth be told it was nice knowing that Andrew did not have to spend so much time working on the bike, and more time riding with me.  It was a win-win.

I now have my favorite bike, 2001 HD Screaming Eagle, she is 3 different colors, platinum/silver/black.  I love, love, love this bike.  I have put many, many miles on this motorcycle.  I was just looking at her yesterday, she needs a good bath, a coat of wax, and then we will be ready.    
I can hardly wait....

somewhere on a desert highway
she rides a Harley-Davidson
her long blonde hair
flying in the wind

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