Wednesday, July 16, 2014

rucksack, liners, luggage, and music

I love to go on holiday, I even love the word "holiday".  I rather go on "holiday" than on "vacation".  It just sounds warmer, I don't mean in temperature, in feeling.  Holidays mean being with people that you have feelings for you and you them.   I have butterflies in my stomach, I am nervous and excited at the same time.  I worry about Chico, although his health is very good, his blindness has meant that we could not put him into the kennel.  Donna had suggested that I call Dr. Bev to ask her if we could leave Chico with her, but Glenette said that she would come to care for them.

I went to the attic to get our luggage, and the liners for the saddlebags.  I have most things staged, ready, and to be put into their respective bag.  My little speakers that go to my Ipod don't work anymore, phew.....I neeeeeeed (hehehehehe) them because I have to have music at all times.    

Packing is just going along swimmingly.  I have myself packed with the exception of boots and shoes.  I need to do those today. 

Motorcycles ready.  

After much drama we are finally ready to go.

Here we come Maine.....


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