Tuesday, July 22, 2014

taking it easy

We are getting ready to go spend a bit of time at the coast. 

Andrew is readying our bikes, he had to take my front wheel off to tighten up my fender.  He took it for a ride, three times, I think that he misses riding the old bird.

I have to go pack the liners for the saddlebags.  I found two sets, one semi-hard and one soft.  We should have another set but I cannot find them, and it was way too hot to be in the attic looking for them.  I need go and get things ready for our little excursion to the coast.  

We are going to have a quick sandwich, then be on our merry little way.

I am enjoying the humming birds.  They are the cutest things I have ever seen.  Three flew into the garage, got confused, crashed, then knocked themselves senseless.  I got to hold one in my hand while it took about 20-25 minutes to recover.  Poor little thing, I really thought that it was a goner.  I could not believe the amount of heat that it was generating in my hand.  It was so surreal having it in my hand.  I told Andrew that we need to put out humming bird feeders so that we can have then next summer.  Donna says her friend Linda has these cuties in Old Bridge.

I am hoping for another lobster roll for dinner.


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