Sunday, July 20, 2014

tooling around Maine

We are 4 days into our Maine holiday, and it has been most enjoyable.  The roads up here, about 45 miles west of the Houlton border crossing, are in good repair.  While it is true that there is not much to visit, the riding is fabulous.  The roads are like ribbons cutting through the forest and they seem to go on forever.  I am sure not used to seeing "Moose Crossing" signs and truth be told am a little skittish about one coming out.  I have only seen a moose once, that was in Vermont.  I have been told to be very wary of them.  Albert and my Canadian brethren have warned us to have a care.

Today the ride will be to Houlton to lunch with Karen.  Due to a glitch/snafu in their paperwork they were unable to go on their much anticipated journey to Europe with their motorcycles.  She will be using the Houlton border crossing to meet with us on her way to Vermont.  I texted her that we were here in the hopes that they did not leave as of yet, and we could go to Nova Scotia to see them all.  In lieu of England, et al, they are going to Vermont.  While we would love to holiday with them, plans have already been made.

I have been very busy snapping pics of the wildlife, my favorite are the hummingbirds.  They are here en masse, I have taken at least a hundred pictures of them, and still are amazed by them.  I have enjoyed being up alone taking pictures of all the birds in the early hours of the morning.

Albert has been a most gracious host.  He has been more than kind and has opened his home up to us to enjoy.  I was thinking that this is a most awesome place to live, but then I think about the super harsh winters and cold.  I am not good with the cold anymore.  Needless to say the utter amount of snow that gets dumped on them also would be way to much.  It is super quiet and most enjoyable to visit.  I would like to come back in the future for another visit, possibly stay for a bit longer than 9 days.

So I am going to take my most happy ass upstairs for a shower.  I will leave soon to see Karen and have a nice visit.

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