Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Everything is everything

As I mentioned before for as long as I can remember tulips have always been my favorite.  I remember them growing in my Mother's front yard..there was some sort of green Japanese bush and the tulips, smiling at me, welcoming spring, and the warmer weather.  We used to have Spring and Fall back then, now... not so much.

When we lived on 69th Street, we had lots, and lots of tulips.  We grew all different types, all different colors.  The Parrot Tulips were kept separate from the others because they had a virus bred into them to make the unique shape, they were beautiful.  We had so many, that Andrew would clip them, and bring them inside.  I would put them in the doorbell alcove that was in the hall in my Mom's hand blown purple vase, I still have the vase "on loan".  I have pictures....

On Sunday, Andrew gave me tulips....they are alive and for the house, for the center of the dining room table he said.  He knows that they are my favorite.  Maybe sometimes we falter,  push away, and try to be someone or something that we are not, loose the innocence, blind trust, and faith.  With understanding, commitment, empathy,  and most of all love, we can heal.  We can be better, stronger, wiser, and happier than we ever thought possible.

The tulips will be blooming in our front and back yard before you know it, and winter will be gone.  The cozy feeling of the warm house will give way to the longer days coming.  The sweet smells of spring will be in the air and the windows will be open to catch the warm breeze.  The rooms will be aired, and the wind chimes will be heard clearly.

We will take out our motorcycles, I need a rear tire, and find some twisty roads to ride on.  I think that is what I am looking forward to the most.  I miss riding with my husband.  I love to watch him ride, I don't ride on his motorcycle, I follow behind or sometimes I lead.  Some of my favorite times have been alone with him taking an adventure.  I look forward to the end of the ride, to talk about what we saw and how it made us feel.   The whole planning of the ride, trip, or excursion is so enjoyable to me.  I will admit that I get my hopes up, and I get so excited, that if something happens and plans are dashed, I get upset.  I am working on that flaw. 

for you to walk in...

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