Thursday, February 13, 2014

you better think first.....

It has been a long busy day.  We had snow, ice, rain, and now more snow.  I shoveled, helped push a car out of a spot.  I think that I need to find my bed.

The guys that drive the plows are really terrific, they truly are.  They did a great job, as usual, clearing up the street on the side and the front of our house.  Yesterday, they came by in the morning with the backhoe and bucket and cleaned all the snow from both corners.  I gave them apples and water.  Today, I made them sandwiches, cookies, and water.  Let's face it, you get more with honey.

After we finished, we came inside, took showers, fed the dogs, and then had some NY Strip steaks on the grill with Chipolte Sweet potatoes.

I am having mad problems with this computer.

In the grand scheme of things, I have been truly blessed, I have a husband that loves me, fantastic kids, a wonderful set of parents, and some pretty awesome siblings, my brothers-in-law, and few true friends,   There will always be snakes in the grass, and you, unfortunately, have to find the difference.  I have always tried to find the good.  In the immortal words of T, "I have a lot of appliances, but only a few friends".  Thank you for that.  There are a few people that are true. 

with every wish......

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