Sunday, February 23, 2014

Here's a penny for any thought it is....

What a wonderful weekend this turned out to be.  It was loaded with Birthdays....Gabriella's on the 20th, Glenette and Anthony's today the 23rd. 

My Mom and Dad left to go home yesterday.   Andrew and I had a nice evening together.  We made shrimp for dinner.  Glenette popped in to say hi, and had some shrimp with us.  Donna came by earlier, but I couldn't rope her into having a little something-something.  Gabriella went to the Danish Restaurant in TriBeca with Vincent, Anthony and Dawn.  Dawn and Anthony are Vincent's parents.  That was very kind of them to take her there. 

It is so nice outside.....My tulips gave up the ghost, so I clipped them, and will put them up so that maybe they can be planted in the fall.  I don't know though, cause I'm thinking they were forced.  I'm going to hope that they might come back.

I'm really enjoying the most beautiful weather outside.  It is just so nice to have the big front door open, I decided that since it is so beautiful that we could take a ride on our bikes, but then I got a gander at Andrew playing with the snow, I roll my eyes at him.  Since we cannot go for a ride, I poured myself a glass of wine, went to my desk and watched a video on You Tube.  It was someone wearing a helmet cam riding the Tail of the Dragon.  I can live vicariously through someone else today.

 Yeah, it is nice out......

I am enjoying my wine, listening to tunes, and hanging with Andrew...that's what I'm talking about.

.....That makes you smile

I adore that smile.

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