Friday, February 21, 2014

If I should fall behind....

My parents came for a visit, they are going to stay for a day or two.  My Dad brought his snow rake with him to get the snow off the back porch and the garage.  The sun does not hit the back porch roof in the winter and it was really starting to pile up.  They bought me a new shovel, woohoo....

My Mom is in the mood for eggplant and good Italian sausage.  So this afternoon, after work, we are going to the pork store for sausage, and I thought we could take a ride to Wegman's for a couple of this and that.  What I do need to get is to get green or yellow peas to make Split Pea Soup.....yummy

I am enjoying the little warm up that we are having, hopefully, it will last.....I really do need this winter to stop already.

My very lovely tulips are done, I miss them and their cheerfulness...what I really would not mind is to see the little crocuses outside, but I can't see the any of the garden, the snow is at least 18" high there.
So my very little bit of spring has come to an end.  Maybe some fake tulips would solve this.  In HomeGoods they had some really beautiful faux yellow tulips in a vase with faux water.  I thought they were outrageously expensive, so I did not get them.  I am going to ask my Mom.  She knows all about stuff like that. 

They were beautiful, they brightened my days, and made me feel warm and fuzzy......Thank you, Andrew for them. 

We are going to dry them and put them in peat, hopefully, when we plant them in the fall, they will come back next spring.  Just thinking about that makes me smile.

...wait for me

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