Thursday, February 13, 2014

hey that's me...

Here we go again.....

Another snow storm.  I really am tired of this stuff.  It just doesn't want to let up.  I packed Andrew's stuff this morning, made him his coffee, while he started the truck, and took out the dogs, Chico does not like to be outside at all now, and he does not want to be alone, being with Buddy simply does not cut it.  He wants either Andrew or me to be with him.  He got lost underneath the dining room table, all I heard him doing was banging into the chair legs, it made me think of "Tommy", the pinball wizard, you know, deaf and blind.  He does not like if you try and pick him up, he growls and tries to nip you.  He is getting more ornery by the day.

After Andrew left, I made myself a cup of coffee, went into the family room for my camera,  I took a couple of pictures, then I went back into the family room to go online to read the paper to see what is going on in the world around me.  I really did not to get that far because I watched "Camille" with Greta Garbo.  Was she ever beautiful.  I did, however, load the pictures up on the computer.  When I stood up about an hour or so later, I could not believe how much snow had fallen already.  The snow has really been coming down.

My tulips are helping me hang on.  They are so happy sitting on the dining room table.  If I could figure out how to make the camera automatically take pictures of the every hour, I am sure that you can see them grow.

The picture is a little fuzzy because I did not want to use the flash, and I was shaking a bit.

After "Camille", I went to make a cup of coffee, and took a few more pictures, the snow is really, really coming down....

Look at the snow, it just keeps coming tulips, are the third happiest entity in this house.....

I know that I should put them in the fridge at night so that they last a little longer.

The neighbor's stoop is invisible.  The snow has changed to rain, hopefully, the temperature will continue to rise and some of this stuff will melt.

there's magic in the night

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  1. Take a lesson from me..... Close your shudders! If you don't see the snow, you don't have to shovel the snow! Just sit in front of the fireplace, enjoy your coffee. When the guys come home from work complaining about how much snow we got, just use that infamous, confused look (we have all perfected) and say "what snow"?