Thursday, February 20, 2014

it was 20 years ago today.....

Sargent Pepper did not teach me how to play, Gabriella was born.  It all went by in the flash of an eye, but sort of slow motion like.  Twenty years, holy good crap, I can't believe it. Why does it seem like it was not even 20 years ago that Kiki was upset that she was 20, not a teenager any more.  Phew, where has it all gone. 

I loved, loved, loved being pregnant with Gabriella, she was sooo easy, I did a lot of waddling, but she was truly amazing to be pregnant with.  In Utero she was a mover, she would roll, stretch, run, kick, hop, and try to come out, even though she was far from ready.  When I was pregnant with her, I was starving from the moment I woke, to the moment I had my nap, we all napped everyday, til we went to bed, I was hungry.  Thank goodness Andrew was preggers too, cause he got a belly too....Her big brother, Andrew, was amazed at my belly, he was great when I was pregnant too.  Then again, he was an easy kid, when you got his deal.  Socks, belt, vest all had to be just so.  Always neat and tidy, and very quiet.  Gabriella......not so much

Gabriella is my beauty realized....She is beautiful, kind, loving, and sweet.  She is sunshine on a cloudy day, I see Mor in her eyes, my Mom in her creativity, and I see my Mother-in-Law in her vulnerability.  She has compassion, understanding, and empathy.  I love that child more than you could ever imagine.  I love my children far more than I could have ever, ever, ever thought possible.  Yeah, she has her pitfalls like everyone, but she is mine, and I love her.  Her Daddy, Andrew, would let her run through the malls, screaming like a banshee, he would put her in her jumpy-jump thing that hung from the ceiling with a lolly-pop, uck she was sticky, sticky, sticky....ewwww she was sticky, she was always sticky......I hate sticky, yuck sticky.....Little And would just look at her with the face of yuck, he hates sticky, he really hates sticky....and she just did not care....

She was the skinniest thing, but when she started to eat, she ate EVERYTHING.....Gabriella would and still does eat everything, always one to be open to try something, she would try anything.  Her brother the opposite.

She has grown, grown, grown....and today is her birthday.  She was born on a Sunday, we had a very, very, cold and snowy winter, just like this year, and I have loved being her Mother since the night we made her.....I love you

I love you...Belli

My baby girl is twenty....yeah

Happy Birthday Beauty.  I love you.....

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