Monday, February 3, 2014

....It is snowing and Monday happy, happy, joy, joy (NOT)

Here we go again.  Snow, snow and more snow.  Just when all the other snow was gone, winter rears it's ugly head again.  Last night, the crawl on the news channel started to list the schools in our area that were going to be closed.  Our kids would have been thrilled to have the day off.  Growing up there was nothing better than a "snow day".

Today, I am having a "snow day"....  I got up this morning, packed Andrew's lunch, made myself a cup of coffee, got my camera, and started to take pictures of the snow.

I love to take pictures.  Andrew, Andrew, and Gabriella have always been my favorite subjects.  When Kiki and Anthony had Dylan, we added him to the favorites too.  I have taken more bad pictures than one could imagine.  Truth be told, I have taken some pretty amazing pictures.  I have always preferred my 35mm SLR.  I have gone through more film than one could imagine.  Then they invented digital, wow, did that open up a new can of worms for me.  I have had two small digital cameras, then we bought our big camera.  I use this all the time.  It is probably my favorite.

A bonus for today's snow is the temperature, it's 32 degrees out, not cold, not cold at all.  I just came in from taking some pictures, and Andrew came home, so now the snow day begins....yeah, baby....

What a great day.....I know that we will....


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